How to Know if A Roulette System Will Fail – Without Purchasing It


Dear blackjack enthusiast,

I virtually have every system which applies just about any principle conceived of in attempt to overcome esports  roulette. Save yourself time and money by averting systems which simply don’t do the job.

Just about any system seller CLAIMS their system is a long term winner, but virtually every system neglects at the longterm. So just how can you know the facts about any platform without even purchasing?

… by understanding roulette, and the only real legitimate fundamentals that ensure it is beatable in the long-term. Once you realize the principles, you can eliminate all systems which are certain to neglect, without risking a penny.

This page is to allow you to avoid wasting money on systems which do not and literally can’t work. Understand I’ve been purchasing, testing and developing gaming Systems for well over a decade. And that my job hasn’t been only occasional. It’s been solid work often every day of the week. You can decide whether to choose my own information.

Many system sellers hotel to incredibly dishonest tactics to jumpstart their own competitors within attempt to increase earnings of their systems. They know their strategy isn’t what they claim and voluntarily defraud their buyers, so why wouldn’t they lie about competitions?

Regularly dishonest system sellers post intentionally false and malicious lies, under a variety of names, and spread false rumors message boards.

Often the lies are made to appear they truly are from people who have obtained something — after all, this is the best solution to fool system buyers. Furthermore, believe that players submit a chronological arrangement to not discuss my system together with anybody without written consent from myself – it’s a duration of purchase. In the event that you question me concerning rumors, then do not expect me to tackle garbage – you decide to believe whatever you desire. The best way to know whether a system is the machine seller claims is by simply requesting the system seller the right questions subsequently gauging theirresponse.

I do not want any portion of childish mud slinging between system sellers, therefore I will not identify specific systems or their sellers. Please do not inquire about other their sellers.

Instead, I’ll place the following points for your account, and you can decide for yourself:

To overcome ANY casino game’s statistical advantage (house advantage ) and win in the long term, you MUST be able to predict positive results together with sufficient accuracy. So especially with blackjack, this means that your method to ascertain where the ball will land NEXT needs to be accurate enough to overcome the house advantage. That you don’t need to be true on EVERY spin — only over a number of twists. Nearly every system is determined by either progression gambling or calling patterns of some kind.

Progression betting is statistically guaranteed failure without a table’s highest stakes — that is well known amongst professional gamblers. So either way you look at it, then you can only overcome a casino game in the event the home advantage is over come.

Also also to do so with roulette, you want to predict where the ball will land with adequate accuracy. And how will you predict it? Well consider, what have you been really calling? … where the roulette mark will be placed on the betting table, OR where the ball will land on the wheel?

The solution is both, BUT thinking about that the gambling table is merely a”dotted” representation of this wheel, where do you feel you ought to focus your attention the wheel, or the betting table? Yes obviously the dining table now is easier… but should you focus on the betting table instead of the wheel (where it counts), then you’re sure to drop.

Know first the wheel numbers are scattered, so you need to decode them before they make some sense. They then are further afield from the gambling table, and also the casino’s know if you concentrate on the table, you’ll surely lose.

Systems which utilize outside bets (like the dozens, columns and red/black), literally CANNOT win in the long-term. It doesn’t matter what system you have!

Why? As the outside bets usually do not represent the wheel in a fashion that permits one to choose sections of their wheel. They are a representation of scattered/encoded segments of the wheel. Of course, in the event that you cover scattered segments of the wheel, it’s absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to overcome the house advantage. For instance, red on the gambling table reflects every instant pocket. It doesn’t matter how you bet, what development or plan that you use, red and black does not represent actual places of the wheel, therefore covering either red or black is guaranteed collapse.

A method which beats the house advantage does not require any progression gambling to create a long-term profit. If a system demands progression and cannot triumph in the long term with flat bets only, it is going to lose time,guaranteed.

If a machine seller claims their system wins against arbitrary number generators, then they are lying! It is absolutely impossible. For almost any casino match to be beatable, you have to be able to predict the results with enough precision to conquer the house advantage. And what advice would you have concerning a random number generator that gives you any type of accuracy? NONE. I will be quite convinced with this, that I will offer anyone a US$100,000 reward which shows me a system which wins against 1,000,0000 arbitrary number generated spins. I know random number generators are simpler to test with, but I promise you that they cannot be crushed! You can only beat a REAL roulette wheel.

Of those hundreds of systems I have, excluding mine, just two worked at the long term. And not surprisingly, these were based on a REAL roulette wheel.

If you were not able to check a casino match was beaten, then odds are it cannot be beaten. I mean real proof, not simply someone’s sentence or a rumor.

You’ve undoubtedly been aware about card counters — however they don’t triumph millions because they simply slightly be at the house edge. However, You may read of people who have won Millions with roulette. Even when they use computers, at least it’s at the news and verifiable. Links to news articles are on my own website,

Something to get you to think:”In a European wheel, then that the ball lands on . Before it landed, what were the odds of it landing on 0?” Of course a mathematician will state”1 at 37″. Do you think this can be correct, or is there much more to this than simply saying chances? Unpredictable, or foreseeable?

Ask the system vendor the following questions:

Q. Does your system win at the longterm with online casinos, including ones which use random number generators? Does it overcome the house advantage?

Before you ask this, highlight you want a longterm winner for ALL online casinos. Should they say is what their system is, they are blatantly lying to youpersonally, or they simply have no idea what they are talking about. If you want it or not, a long-term winner for all online casinos simply does not and can’t exist.

Q. Exactly about which axioms does your machine over come the casinos edge?

If they can not explain the exact principles, or they only provide vague explanations such because they’ve discovered some secretthey have been most likely clinging . It willn’t matter what the hype is or what their claims are, if they can’t afford explanations, do not trust them.

Q. If two players were playing with the samesystem on precisely the same table, would they make exactly the very same stakes?

Some systems require pruning, so if not the device truly works can not be shown.

Q. Can your system utilize any development betting?

Progression systems can give the temporary illusion that they work, however unless they first beat the house advantage they fail in the long term because they eventually blow your bankroll, or else you reach the table maximum bet.

Q. Does your system require me at all to quit once I’m up?

Whether or not leaving if you are up is excellent advice is not the purpose. Leaving if you are up is perhaps not a system. It’s some thing which you do with a shortterm winning plan, or whether you’re playing for pleasure. With a method that beats the house edge, the longer you play, the more you get. It may sound like good information to leave once you are upward, however, the casino will not request that you leave when you’ve lost a lot of… because they understand when you aren’t beating your house advantage, you are going to continue to reduce.


Why is the device being sold?

Are there any genuine good reasons for selling?

Can you validate that the system seller is?

Can they provide something like bank account details, and therefore are that they

Stay clear of the Bahamas and island states.

The authorities in the united kingdom, USA and Australia are most vigilant in prosecuting fraudsters.

Testimonials are very readily and very frequently faked. And if they are real, they generally signify short term winnings only, such as for example”I won $1000 my very first time out!”

Money-back guarantees are over-rated – they exist to convince more people to buy, but actually requesting the cash doesn’t mean that you’ll get back it. You could just get explanations rather than a refund; that is what scammers do very well. The majority of the slimming systems arrive with”unconditional 30day” guarantees.

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